Who We Are

We are experienced clinicians and business owners who have spent many years refining a transferable and scalable operational model.

We know how difficult, costly and time-consuming running your own business can be. We are passionate about helping others in this area by drawing upon our learnings and the team of experts that we have gathered around us.

This model provides Succoris partners with a number of benefits including:

Strength in Numbers

Belong to a network of like-minded peers and benefit from support, supervision, and discounted rates from our business partners.

Corporate Governance

Be guided by operational guidelines that ensure best business practice.

Clinical Governance

Ensure that your practice is run in accordance with best practice guidelines.

Create Value

Improve return on investments as well as growing and maintaining value in your business.

Be Free to Do What You Love

With support, training and supervision, be freed up to focus on doing what you do best, improving the lives of your clients.

Cultural Governance

Ensure that your practice maintains a high level of cultural accountability and remains a great place to work.

Dr. Catherine Hart

Clinical and Cultural Lead

Catherine gained her qualifications as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK, working in community, forensic in-patient, and private settings before moving to Australia in 2012. Moving to Australia gave Catherine the opportunity to work for various organisations, including creating course content and lecturing for Southern School of Natural Therapies for several years. Working in various settings and through supervising other staff, Catherine experienced and heard about several challenging workplaces, and started to notice that there were flaws in the private practice environment. Over a disparate workforce she found unfair work practices, underpayment of workers and in some cases illegal contracting and even bullying.

Catherine felt strongly that she would like to have a positive impact on this by creating and running her own practice where a modern workforce would endeavour to deliver an accessible and evidence based clinical service backed by modern culture and governance. If this could be done, staff would experience a flexible and rewarding workplace and service users would experience accessibility, continuity, and professionalism.

Over the next three years, Catherine took inspiration from her own skills as well as many other leadership and corporate governance resources including the Compass Female Leadership Program and Brene Brown’s ‘dare to lead’. Catherine opened three clinics and shaped the cultural and governance processes into a practical format which could be lived and delivered at each one of the three existing practices by staff, management, and partners.

Catherine is now in a position where her leadership and clinical governance strategies have taken a foothold in her existing practices and form the blueprint for interpersonal connection within the business moving forward.

Jamie Hart

Business Development Manager

Jamie has spent the last 20 years working in the health industry providing exercise prescription to a diverse range of clientele from community health services to high performance sports.

Jamie has always had a passion for business development and took an interest in the journeys of businesspeople and businesses. His first experience of this was as a 22-year-old in the UK where he opened his own gym with his father. As well as furthering his experience of exercise prescription, this experience gave Jamie a crash course in business development and ownership. The next five years were chequered with long days, and sleepless nights. However, through all the turmoil that these five years provided, Jamie’s intertest in what he was doing never faltered and he acquired experience in all facets of small business administration from marketing to bookkeeping and beyond.

Following his move to Australia in 2012 he saw huge opportunity in the healthcare system to deliver services on his own terms. He spent the first six years learning the Australian system and working as an exercise physiologist in multiple settings. Over this time Catherine and Jamie would talk about the issues confronting them in their workplaces and it became obvious to Jamie that psychological services in the private sector gave an opportunity to have a positive impact on the industry and to jump back into business management and ownership.

The direction and mission of the business became clear. With Catherine taking the lead on clinical and cultural governance, Jamie’s role lay squarely on trying to deliver a sustainable and consistently performing business within the new cultural governance framework.

Over the last three years it has always been in Catherine and Jamie’s minds that; to deliver well on their mission, there would have to be multiple clinical sites. After opening three sites in three years, it became obvious that the model for growth and delivering their mission and goals was going to need onsite owners. The corporate performance of the existing sites to date was good and the financial model was sufficient to give investors, owners and staff security and confidence to work towards the mission of the company and their own goals. So Catherine and Jamie decided to take the growth of their brand, models, and mission to the market as a franchise and the Succoris brand was trademarked.

The Succoris brand is now tasked to select like-minded individuals and teams to be part of the journey to deliver the company mission to a point of corporate and clinical excellence and financial stability for all partners.