Individual Therapy

We believe that being able to access personalised and tailored support is vital.

We therefore offer a variety of therapy delivery models to allow clients increased choice in how they would prefer their therapy to be provided.

Change is an inevitable part of life… Transitions whether large or small, positive or negative, planned or unexpected can generate stress and anxiety. Even with the most difficult of life’s challenges, there is always a path forward.

Engaging in therapy can help you learn healthy coping strategies which are beneficial for mental health and overall well-being.

“Transitions in life can offer opportunity for discovery.”
Robbie Shell

The role of the therapist is to help a person understand, explore and resolve challenging issues and personal difficulties in order to make changes for the better.

In our changing world more and more people are benefiting from seeking help and clarity from a psychologist for many different reasons including personal, professional, social, relationship and mental health problems.