Join Us

Join us to improve our client’s wellbeing and life satisfaction, encourage their personal growth, and renew confidence in themselves and their future.

Our practice values are all about CARE: Connection, Authenticity, Reliability, and Empathy. We have created beautiful practices that we love working in, with warm; authentic; and supportive teams.

Succoris Psychology aims to offer everyone in our teams the flexibility to live the life they want. By offering secure, employed roles, we enable all our staff to create a healthy balance between their work and other pursuits.

What We Offer

Connection and Community

We offer workplaces where providing excellent, evidence-based care to those who need it the most, whilst also working in a fun, supportive, and friendly team is paramount.

We know you want to feel connected to the people you work with.

A place where everyone is working towards the same common goals and supporting each other in achieving their parts of that.

As a member of one of our teams, you will enjoy regular opportunities to connect with our team through weekly peer supervision, regular social events,
and daily walks.

Autonomy and Flexibility

We carefully select the people we work with because our culture is important to us. We want our therapists to have the autonomy to thrive but also know that support is there in the ways they need it.

We aim to support our team members to have flexibility to be able to support them to live their best lives.

We are able to offer our team members the ability to choose the hours they work and offer flexibility about whether that work is carried out in clinic or online.

Support Team

We offer regular opportunities for support from our friendly, supportive, and highly efficient practice manager, Emma, who is on hand to assist with any administrative support needs. We also offer regular catch-ups with the business managers and lead clinicians.

We pride ourselves on having comprehensive organisational procedural plans which create a streamlined and effective business and are backed by our HR and accounting team.

Our warm, caring and highly skilled support teams are available to assist and meet any needs as they arise. We appreciate that having administrative tasks attended to frees up clinicians to focus on doing what they do best.

Peer Support and Professional Development

In addition to guidance from our Support Team, we facilitate peer supervision, team meetings and professional development opportunities. All of our psychologists have access to $2500 of CPD paid for yearly, as well as having access to regular supervision from a member of our specialist supervisor partners (offering DBT/Schema Therapy/EMDR supervision).

We can support clinical endorsement programmes and regularly have provisional psychologists undertaking placements within the company.

We also provide a comprehensive on-boarding process complete with an Employee Handbook which details policies and procedures for new team members.

We value learning and connection, and are committed to providing opportunities for all our staff to grow into their dream role within Succoris.

Our Culture

“We have created an organisational framework and culture which ensures that all our staff belong to a practice that they love working in.”

“We value the importance of building a great culture as we believe if you create a warm, authentic, and supportive practice not only do you attract the best people, you also ensure the highest quality of care for your clients.”

Dr Catherine Hart

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of how we operate as an organisation and form the solid base of how we interact with each other, our clients, referring partners and organisations.

We believe that all of our values are equally important and help us to maintain our high standards of practice, as well as ensuring we all get to enjoy being a part of Succoris. We also work hard to not only profess them but to actually put them into practice every day.

  • Create a warm and welcoming environment where people are supported and empowered
  • Cultivate authenticity and drive genuinely deep connections
  • Act with courage and challenge with kindness and compassion
  • Bring joy and hope to the everyday, sprinkle interactions with kindness and humour
  • Be curious and always continue to learn and grow


We offer our employees competitive remuneration, including an annual professional development allowance; superannuation contributions; sick leave; holiday leave; and a bonus structure additional to the generous base salary offered.

We value loyalty and are able to transition our staff quickly through our pay structure as well as offering incentives such as profit shares and equity shares in the company for the right people.